Block Heel Wedding Shoes / Bridal Shoes Block Heel

Block Heel Wedding Shoes

These high heels have a classic block heel design, comfortable insole and perfect heel height will bring you all-day comfort, and walk more steadily.

Check up the unique design on Up2Step you won’t regret that.

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Block heel wedding shoes help you to look the best, wear the best, get the best, have the best on the Best Day of your life.

A girl has a most beautiful dream, it is to put on beautiful wedding shoes and marry the man she loves, wedding block heels make this dream come true.

Minimalist Design

With a minimalist block-heeled design and some fashion decorations, the crystal on sturdy block heels for weddings add more sparkle to the dress.


Bridal block heel is perfectly designed for steady steps, as it features a single block heel.

Wedding shoes block heels show off a woman's graceful and slender instep.


Bridal shoes with block heels’ classic design that is sure to compliment every modern woman's wardrobe.