Clear Wedge Heel

Clear wedge heels have been a big hit of the clear heel trend.

If you’ve been wanting to try the clear heels, a clear wedge can be a great place to start.
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New Wedges Shoes Trends-Women’s Clear Wedge Heel

Clear wedges have very stylish transparent wedges heels measuring over 4”/10cm heel height. Different from other hidden wedge heels, transparent wedge heels are made with PVC which looks clear on the heels. UP2STEP clear wedge heel collection is from clear wedge sandals to clear wedge mules, clear wedge heel slippers to clear wedge platform heels and clear strappy wedges.


Black clear strappy wedges are our new clear wedge’s style. Inspired by the graceful and chic black swan, the strappy clear wedges have a thick clear strap, a lace-up black wrapped strap, and a stylish clear wedge heel measuring 4 inches in height.

Strappy clear wedges can go with skirt suits, skinny jeans or long dresses for going to the date-night party, travel or work. What’s the impress for the Black Swan lace-up clear wedges might be the strappy part to tie up your ankle to the mid-leg which would make your leg look so slim.

UP2STEP Clear Wedge Mules Collection

Clear mule wedge heels feature the slingback mule style with a peep toe or open toe design and clear wedge high heels. We have the basic-color Black Clear Wedge Mules to pair with anything and summer mules trends of Puffy Sandals Clear Wedges and Strappy Slingback Clear Mules Wedges.

UP2STEP Clear Wedge Sandals Heels Trends

Clear wedge heels are a big huge trend in summer fashion. We have various PVC clear wedge-heel sandals in the clear-heel collection.

Clear Wedge Heel-Comfortable To Walk

Clear wedges are kind of woman’s favorite styles worth investing in their wardrobe and they’re actually easier to walk in than stilettos-perfection for work, travel or dance at all.

Clear Wedges Outfits Inspiration

Clear wedges are recommended for fashionistas and casual-style people. You can wear the “naked heels” for usual outfits or try out something bold with different outfits ideas.