About Ladies Shoes

  1. How to Wear High Heels More Comfortable

    How to Wear High Heels More Comfortable

    When we need to wear high heels all day, maybe our feet would get blister even walk uncomfortably later.

    Well here is some tip to help you to wear heels more comfortable especially for those women who are not good at wearing high heels.

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  2. What Is The Film In The Sole

    What Is The Film In The Sole

    After receiving the shoes, many customers will wonder why the sole of the shoes is very smooth and ask us why our products are not skid resistant.

    Or why the soles of their shoes are coming off?

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  3. How To Prolong The Life Of Your Shoes

    How To Prolong The Life Of Your Shoes

    "If you treat really good heels well, they'll be nice to your feet over time," Canfield McNish said.

    In daily wear, we always have a few pairs of our favorite shoes, but sometimes it got some damages because of wearing too much, so here are some suggestions for you to prolong the life of shoes.

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  4. Shoe’s Too Big

    Shoe’s Too Big

    It’s common to have a pair of shoes that’s too big not fit well for your feet.

    Maybe sometimes the feet would get smaller in cold, but don’t worry that we have better ways to make your shoes smaller.

    1.Tighten More.

    If you are wearing casual shoes, sports shoes, and if the shoes have laces, then tighten a little bit more.

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  5. Shoe’s Too Tight

    Shoe’s Too Tight

    What can we do if the shoe's too tight?

    5 Ways to help you solve this problem.

    You can try many times after wearing the new shoes then maybe it can fit well. If still not work, here are some suggestions to stretch or loosen the tight shoes.

    1.Wear Thick Cotton Socks.

    While doing the walking exercise, in the meantime, you can wear thick socks and your tight shoes, the shoes can be stretched out little by little when you move around.

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